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With its elegant lay out and numerous pretty full colour illustrations, "WATCH" -the first reference
book covering the technical and historical development of the modern wrist watch- will provide the
time and watch conscious reader with a wealth of enjoyable information.

"WATCH" is divided into two different sections:

The second and largest section of the book places the development of the electric and electronic wrist watch in historical perspective. From the first battery powered watch with balance wheel and mechanical contacts (20 pages) through the development of the tuning fork watch (12 pages); transistorized watches with balance wheel (9 pages) to the quartz watches (analog, LED, LCD, Thermatron,
automatic quartz, radio-controlled and multifunctional: 80 pages) a detailed chronological description is put forward. Technical developments are explained in a short and straight forward manner, supported by numerous clear and apprehensive illustrations. The significance of this survey may be underlined by the fact that approximately one billion watches are sold every year, of these 85% battery powered.
Many museums, institutions, manufacturers, designers and collectors of watches have assisted and contributed to the wealth of information contained in this book. The author, Pieter Doensen, studied Physics and the History of Art at the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands, and devoted approximately fifteen years to the creation of this book.

Since collectables need collectors and collectors need reference works, Pieter Doensen has taken up the challenge to provide them with the first comprehensive study of the "collectable modern wrist watch".

More information about the book here.

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