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Below you will find a list with lins submitted by visitors. The links are more or less categeorised but no warrantees on the accuracy of it. If you wish to have your link submitted send an email to me and you will be added to the list in due time. A link in return would be appreciated.

Note: I have discovered that some sites in this link list required my payment to be included in their list. Of course they have been removed. This link list is a courtesy service to both visitors and related web sites and if others do not wish to extend the same courtesy they will be removed or come with an alternative.

Discussion - Here you can talk about the Hobby with others

Indetermined - These haven't been checked out yet, so good luck

Information - Sites that offer information about watch collecting and everything involved

Sales - Sites that have watches and related items for sale

Unrelated - Not related to watch collecting, but worth a visit anyway :)