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Last modified: 26 jul 2003



Watch It .nl is a Dutch based site devoted to the collecting of vintage wrist watches. It was initially meant to be a periodical e-zine, but due to lack of time, we were more or less forced to make it a "normal" web page.
This site offers a number of articles on a variety of subjects, all related to watches and watch collecting. Contributors to this site are Pjer Strolenberg and Pieter Doensen. Some articles were originally published in books or magazines, and we have tried our best to provide the credits for them to those where they belong. If you feel your article has been published on this site without your permission, drop us a line.
These pages were compiled out of hobby, and the lack of good information about wrist watches on the Internet. If you have a site about watches containing information about watches rather than selling them, please contact us so we may be able to set up some kind of cooperation.

Although this site was made in spare time, we do make costs in the process. If you like the work we do and you wish to contribute in one way or another, for instance by sending articles or placing an advertisement on the page, let us know. Input, both academic and financial, is always welcome.