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Last modified: 08 aug 1999


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The dimensions are 24cm x 30cm. The retail price will be $80,- , 48,- or Dfl 120,-. The designer is Gertjan Slagter from Groningen.
The book has a paper board with a jacket.

If you wish to write a review on "WATCH" in a periodical, you may contact the author at the address below for additional information and illustative material. No duty will be required.

Books may be ordered from:
Pieter Doensen
Jan van Scorelstraat 40
3583 CR Utrecht
The Netherlands
tel. +31 30 2517619

We advise you to contact Mr. Doensen before sending payment.

Please send a postal money order (Dfl. 120,-), credit card money order (US$ 80,-), cheque (US$ 85,-) or US$ 80,- in cash to receive one book, postage included.