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Last modified: 24 mei 2001


Universal Geneve Military watch

This is one of the most interesting yet obscure watches I have in my collection. I found this watch on eBay, and through pure luck I discovered the little emblem on the dial. I thought I had seen that before….

And I had. THis watch is mentioned in Z.M. Wesoloski’s book "Military Timiepieces" (page 68 for those who want to read about it). According to Wesolowski, this watch was issued to the Dutch military in 1939, when Germany had invaded Poland, and the Dutch government feared all-out war. And they were right. On the 10th of May, the German troops invaded the Netherlands and bombed Rotterdam, and on the 15th of May, the Dutch government capitulated and a 5 year occupation of the country began.

Universal Military

What makes this watch even more interesting is that I bought it off a German seller on eBay, which implies something peculiar Germany had occupied the Netherlands for 5 years, and THIS watch comes from Germany. Is this watch part of the looting that has taken place during dose dark years? Was it taken from a Dutch prisonner of war? I will probably never know, but it surely makes it an interesting watch, that finally has found it’s way home.

Wesolowski’s book is the only reference to this watch I have found so far. A friend told me that a similar watch has been on display in a museum in Rotterdam in an exhibition about the occupation years. If anybody has any references about this watch, please contact me.